Deep Cuts from the Moral Wilderness

Tom Caufield
Ambient Chamber

“…flows forth with a sense of subtle vibrancy and artistic creativity, a fusion of the chamber music aesthetic with a minimalist approach to ambient guitar music that is, by turns, beautifully touching, hauntingly sad, and elegantly playful…an elegant simplicity wedded to a deep emotional resonance of feeling…I can’t recommend this album enough – it’s a stunning, brilliant work.” – Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire

“A must-have album for fans of ambient acoustics and classical minimalism. Tom Caufield has crafted an elegant masterpiece of pristine beauty and contemplative serenity that could be likened to an intricately detailed work of fine art.” – Candice Michelle, Aural Awakenings

“…slow and deep energy…a beautifully crafted performance…a release of absolute class and musical distinction – thoroughly recommended.” – Steve Sheppard, One World Music

“…evocative melodies that engage the senses and appease the spirit. Be prepared to be astonished.” – R J Lannan, Artisan Reviews

Kismet– Last December, Tom Caufield was invited to perform as part of a candlelight service at The Brentwood Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles.Also performing that evening were two musicians he’d never met – cellist Judy Kang and violinist Alicia Spillias. Impressed by their artistry and enchanted by the ancient sound of strings, Tom asked them to collaborate with him on an upcoming set, as he wanted to hear his melodies played with this burnished, haunting magic. Violinist Zach Paul joined the ensemble for a performance at The Last Bookstore in downtown Los Angeles, and a few weeks later the musicians went into the studio, joined by cellist Mark Edward Lewis. The result is Tom’s latest collection, Deep Cuts from the Moral Wilderness, which will be released in July 2018.

Tom says, “On my new album, I’ve moved the guitar to the back and brought cello and violin forward, letting them showcase the melodies, harmonies and movement. Instead of fretwork, I focused on arrangements, mood and sequence, aiming to create a half-hour ambient cloud, all cut of one cloth, but with enough detail and movement to also be engaging. It’s wooden music, played on physical instruments in real time. I try to offer the kind of hope, wisdom and sustenance that the music I love has given me.”

A bit about the ensemble: Judy Kang performs regularly as the featured solo cellist for Celine Dion, Zach Paul recently had a piece released on Touch Records, andAlicia Spillias performs regularly as a member of the Organic String Quartet.