The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light


‘The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light’ is a retrospective collection containing previously unreleased pieces drawn from Tom’s entire career.

Tom says, “I love making albums, and whenever I write and record, I’m always thinking in terms of the art of the album: it’s arc, it’s length, the sequence, what will be the opener, the closer, the mid-point song. It’s a beautiful format, requiring adherence to an intangible set of rules that must be met in order for the album to flow properly and sound cohesive, yet it allows infinite flexibility in achieving those standards. You aim for surprise and variety, while also maintaining a satisfying, familiar structure that states its purpose from the outset,  offers variations on that purpose, travels through an ebbing and flowing set of peaks and valleys, exploring all the nooks, crannies, shadows and corners of that originally stated purpose, and then gives the listener a satisfying sense of resolution. You can achieve it however you want, if the result sounds cohesive, interesting, moving and satisfying, and if you can do it in a new and creative way, that’s the best of all. Anything you want is fine, as long as you get there. The excitement and the challenge is in how you get there, and in getting there in some unique way.

The pieces included on ‘The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light’ come from particular album sessions, At the time of writing and recording them they seemed to fit very well into the album’s thesis statement. But one of the most interesting things about making an album is how with the addition of each new piece, everything around it can change. It has something to do with the sonic territory each song establishes. Sometimes a new piece makes a previous piece redundant. Other times, a new song has characteristics that are interesting and attractive, but seem at odds with another piece on the album – put together, they seem to deflate each other. Sometimes you just have too much, and the album seems to go on too long when everything is included. So you make near-arbitrary choices.

The pieces here are pieces that by the time of the final sequencing and selection process somehow seemed either incongruent, superfluous, redundant or inconsistent, i.e. detracting from the albums cohesion.  All of them are good in their own right. The pleasant surprise is that they all seem to work together well here in this retrospective collection. I hope you enjoy listening.”

Tom Caufield, Los Angeles, CA, 10/10/20

Program Notes:

Tracks 1, ‘Daughters of the Rain,’ 2, ‘Tempest Tossed, 5, ‘Some Disordered Internal Geometries,’ & 8, ‘Assisted Readymade’ from “Moog & Nylon,” 2015

Track 3, ‘The Sunflower and the Bee’ from “Opaque Frontier,” 2020

Tracks 4, ‘Do the Drawdown’ and 7, ‘Sampling Eternity’ from “Wash the Dusk With Silver,” 2017

Tracks 6, ‘It Was Always You’ and 11, ‘Playa del Rey,’ from “Forging the Moonlight,” 2016

Track 9, ‘The Past Not Yet Past,’ from “Nature and the Constant Illusion,” 2014

Track 10, ‘Walking in the Shimmer,’ from “The Slow Dance of Time,” 2011

Track 12, ‘The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light,’ previously unreleased, 1997