Tom Caufield is a great American songwriter, period, the end.  Lend him your ears. – David Wild, Rolling Stone

Los Angeles – Tom Caufield is a contemplative acoustic guitarist with an uncommonly melodic style. Relaxing, organic, and offering identifiable story-like melodies that float in an effortless dream-stream, elements of folk, progressive, ambient, film score and pop come together in a unique, appealing mix.

“Music to slow the relentless pace of life” – Bruce Gall, Atmospheres

Originally from Michigan, Caufield’s first four albums all charted in the Top 20 of Zone Music Reporter’s ‘Top 100 Radio Airplay’ Charts, with his debut, ‘The Slow Dance of Time’ making the 10 spot and his holiday collection, “I Heard it was Christmas Day” peaking at #3. His music has been featured on John Diliberto’s syndicated NPR program ‘Echoes.’ where his 2013 release ‘Nature and the Constant Illusion,’ charted at #9 for the month of August of that year. ‘Echoes’ also named the Christmas album ‘the best holiday album of 2016.’

With over 30,000 streams on Spotify, Tom’s music is regularly featured on the Sirius XM Satellite Radio Spa Channel, Pandora, Our Place Radio, Radio Calm, and Music Exchange’s streaming network ‘Soundscapes,’ in addition to receiving airplay on ‘Hearts of Space,’ NPR’s ‘All Things Considered, and over 60 airwaves based stations nationwide.

“There is a level of emotional clarity in this music that is a rare find.”
– RJ Lannan, Zone Music Reporter 

In 2014, ‘Tales from the Wine Dark Sea,’ which embodies Caufield’s aesthetic goal of creating music that induces calm while providing space to think, was named Best Acoustic Instrumental Album of Of the Year by popular streaming station One World Music.

Caufield’s aim is to convey emotion as directly as possible, yet leave space for listeners to find room for themselves inside the music. Eschewing busy arrangements and speedy passages, his compositions are minimalist creating an experience that is relaxing, yet engaging.

Offering a chill blend of nuanced, emotional, ancient-yet-modern music that will amplify the sound of your heart and soul, Caufield’s sound is a 21st century take on contemplative instrumental music. Wooden and natural, peaceful and evocative, calming while engaging, accessible, yet hinting at life’s complexity, Tom Caufield’s music will transport you to a place you probably don’t visit enough – your deeper self.