Collaboratia (2023)

Tom Caufield & Sangeet-Richard Downs

Streaming everywhere Friday, 12/1/23.

Tom Caufield’s ‘Collaboratia,’ (pronounced collabor-ah’-shya), is a bold departure in partnership with violinist Sangeet-Richard Downs, that navigates the complexity of our strange and dark times. Diverging from the use of his signature guitar sound, Caufield crafts a canvas for Downs to shine, blending virtual choirs, cellos, and vintage synths. The omission of the guitar allows the violin’s sustained tones to convey vast aching and yearning. The album, marked by spiritual anxiousness and a sense of uncertainty and searching, resonates universally, offering a unique musical experience that taps into our shared intangible existential crisis. Caufield says of the album: “it’s a kind of secular prayer. We’ve become too divided, too angry. We’re allowing technology and this challenging historical moment of cultural paradigm shift to frighten us into attacking each other. We have to find our way back to tolerance, compassion, good faith. We’re all in this together. The human race is a collaboration.” A compelling, moving, and one-of-a-kind experience, ‘Collaboratia’ speaks to the shared emotional apprehension of a turbulent era.

Available now for free streaming and Hi-Rez downloading exclusively through Bandcamp.