Moog & Nylon (2015)

Tom Caufield
Contemporary Instrumental

Tom Caufield’s sixth album, ‘Moog & Nylon’ features eight dialogues between the nylon string guitar, which came of age during the Renaissance, and the Moog analog synthesizer, which was developed through the ’50s and mid ’60s, and became popular with adventurous musicians soon after the Summer of Love.

Building on his signature warm, acoustic style, with this collection Caufield weaves in the wiggly with the structured, the cerebral with the emotional, the biological with the synthetic, and expresses modern life’s predominate feature: the ubiquitous presence of technology. Organic meets electronic in this absorbing collection.

“Music is the harmonization of opposites, the unification of disparate things, and the reconciliation of warring elements. It brings together and unites.” – The Pythagoreans

Immerse yourself in ‘Moog & Nylon.’

Cover image by Julian Escardo.