‘The Whisper Resistance’ – New Album Out June 2!

Tom Caufield

‘The Whisper Resistance’ is Tom Caufield’s most realized collection to date, with strong, emotional melodies and relaxing mesmerizing textures. What takes it to a higher level is his collaboration with virtuoso violinist Sangeet-Richard Downs, who soars with feeling somewhere between classical, jazz fusion, and new age sensibilities. 20 year old vocalist maya rosenbaum is featured on two tracks. Blessed with a singularly deep and compelling voice, she brings just the right sense of longing, weariness, resignation and wisdom to the pieces. The album was created with the idea that given the transitional and tumultuous state of the world, one thing a musician can contribute is to gently, like water slowly polishing stones over time, convey the embodiment of peace, beauty, and diversity.

This project was supported by the N.C. Arts Council, a Division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, Arts Council of Winston- Salem & Forsyth County, and ArtsGreensboro.