Wash the Dusk with Silver (2017)

Tom Caufield

‘Wash the Dusk with Silver’ is instrumental ambient-chamber music with post-minimalist and progressive elements. Nylon string guitar, piano, cello, electronica and found sounds blend to create music that is powerful, gorgeous, intimate, experimental yet accessible.

Drawing from classical, ambient, minimalism, folk and rock, the progressive, eclectic mix of genres found on the album might best be described as ‘contemplative acoustic/electric tone poems.’

The phrase ‘wash the dusk with silver’ is from a poem by William Blake called ‘The Evening Star,’ and symbolizes the light that continues to shine, even through dark times.

Includes seven new original compositions alongside pieces by modern music icons Philip Glass, Max Richter and Johann Johannsson.

On ‘Wash the Dusk with Silver,’ Tom Caufield approaches layered acoustic-electronic music with classical guitar at the center of the work, offering a unique contribution to the growing genres of post-progressive, post-minimalist, ambient progressive and ambient chamber music.

Cover image by Julian Escardo.