‘Tom Caufield never disappoints. He is a thinking man’s guitarist who creates mindful compositions in which every note is diligently thought out, carefully placed and lovingly performed.’ – RJ Lannan, Artisan Review

Tom Caufield is a composer and multi-instrumentalist with a contemplative, acoustic/electronic, near-ambient, classical-adjacent style. His music often (but not always) places the acoustic guitar at the core of his pieces

Caufield’s music has been heard on SiriusXM, popular syndicated programs Hearts of Space, Echoes, All Things Considered and numerous NPR affiliate stations. John Diliberto of syndicated program Echoes called Caufield’s holiday release “I Heard It Was Christmas Day” ‘the best holiday album of the year, hands down; nothing else comes close.” The album was carried nationally by Whole Foods.

Originally from Michigan, Caufield lived variously in New York City, Nashville, and Los Angeles while pursuing his solo career. Many of his pieces have been used in national advertising campaigns, as well as in network and cable television. Additionally, Caufield has scored three independent films.

In 2023, he received a grant from the North Carolina Council of the Arts to help fund his definitive album ‘The Whisper Resistance.’ The album was well received, and is a meditation on the natural landscape around his home.

His latest album, ‘The Endless Chimera,’ Tom’s first electric-centric album is a suite of four pieces, unique yet interconnected. The music was created using a 1992 Fender MIJ ’62 Vintage Stratocaster and an arsenal of analog and digital pedal f/x. Tom’s goal for this collection was to invoke the more spectral side of existence, trading his usual grounded, acoustic approach for a foray into isotopic, molecular, mysterious, Upanishadish layers. This final version of the album includes an acoustic coda for smooth transition back to terra firma. Transportive stuff.