welcome to my store.

My site store is the exclusive place to buy new copies of my CDs.

I’ve released 19 albums since 2011, as well as 1 EP, and an additional album under the name ‘Gatefold Sleeve.’

Though they are becoming a thing of the past, I still think in terms of an album when I make music, giving a lot of thought especially to the opener, the ‘side one’ closer, as well as the ‘side two’ opening and closing tracks.

All of my pressings are very small; I pressed 300 copies of my first four albums, but since then, runs have been just 100 copies.

So a purchase gets you a somewhat rare item, and helps me continue to do what I do. Things have changed in the music world, and so your support is very helpful and appreciated.

Please note that not all of the albums listed on my discography page are available; most are sold out, though probably available on the used market. The items below indicate CDs that I still have inventory for. Thanks!

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